Eine Information zur Eurosoil 2021

Dear ECSSS members

As you know, Eurosoil 2021 will be more than just another scientific congress.

For the first time, through CONNECTING PEOPLE AND SOIL, the initiative I shared and consulted you about, we are going to:

  • Share stakeholders’ connections and expectations with the research community to define common soil goals
  • Coordinate the establishment of common road maps to protect soil along the food value chain
  • Acquire common knowledge by rethinking ways of doing research
  • Foster common soil education and awareness

In order to generate a general call for soil protection as a societal value, the main conclusions and statements of CONNECTING PEOPLE AND SOILwill be actively and specifically shared among the different stakeholders impacting soil through a series of targeted publications.

Based on these shared conclusions, the ECSSSwill have the opportunity, by launching permanent activities, to develop a transversal initiative for soil preservation and activate networks and working groups.

As this challenge is much bigger than just our individual societies and federation, we need to unite our forces to communicate, reach, and motivate as much global goodwill, participation, and input as possible.


Please convey this message to your members, network, and colleagues by sharing the PDF mailer that can be downloaded via the button below or simply forward this e-mail.

Please get in touch by responding to this email should you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. We look forward to working with you in CONNECTING PEOPLE AND SOIL.

ECSSS Committee