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Stephen Nortcliff (Ed.): Task Force: Soil matters – Solutions Under Foot

In order to appreciate the diversity, functions and relevance of soils and to devise plans for future activities and research with regard to soils, a current “state of affairs” must be defined.

Task Force: Soil matters – Solutions Under Foot does just that by portraying and discussing our current understanding of the state, the role and importance of soils, from the viewpoints of agriculture, society and soil science.

Edited on behalf of the International Union of Soil Sciences IUSS , thirty two short contributions highlight six key aspects of soils: soils as part of our (planetary) environment, threats to soils (erosion and anthropogenic abuse), the importance of soils as a carbon reservoir and source of biological diversity, soils and land use aspects, among them human health, the value we attribute to soils as an “asset” and finally, societal aspects of soils and the landscapes they form.

In the process of discussing these six key aspects, current problems are identified and addressed and approaches to their solutions (the Solutions Under Foot of the title) are pointed out, as are outlooks on future developments and soil related research visible as silver linings on the horizon.

Short, carefully edited, very readable contributions of this volume also feature further references allowing the reader to delve more deeply into the respective subjects. The book addresses all parties interested in understanding the variety in terrestrial soils (e.g. majors and minors of soil-, agricultural- and environmental science and the interested public) and the important functions and services soils provide to both individuals and society as a whole.

Stephen Nortcliff (Ed.):
Task Force: Soil Matters Solutions Under Foot
2015/16. 154 pages, 37 figures, 10 tables, 6 photos

(GeoEcology Essays)
ISBN 978-3-510-65392-8, softcover, €14,90

Full book description, table of contents, sample pages and to order online click here: Hartge/Horn: Task Force: Soil Matters – Solutions Under Foot or the book cover above.


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