Ergebnis zur IUSS Präsidentschaftswahl

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen!

Ich freue mich, Euch das Ergebnis der Wahl zur neuen Präsidentin der IUSS mittelien zu können: Prof. Laura Bertha Reyes Sánchez wird als erste weibliche Präsidentin die Nachfolge von Takashi Kosaki antreten. In der Folge finden sie die offizielle Aussendung der IUSS im letzten “Alert”:

Outcome of 2018 IUSS Presidential Election

The election of the next IUSS President has been concluded. The Council (National Soil Science Societies in good financial standing with IUSS, Executive Committee members and 3 Honorary Members) cast their vote by the closing date 15 October 2018. The result of the election was presented to the President and subsequently announced to Council members by email and on the IUSS website: Laura Bertha Reyes Sánchez from Mexico, current Secretary General of the Latin American Soil Science Society, received a clear majority of the votes and was the successful candidate in this election. She will take up the position of President-Elect on 1st January, 2019. She will be the first female President in the history of IUSS. IUSS was very pleased to have two strong candidates running for the position.

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Andreas Baumgarten
Präsident ÖBG